A Nain Teppich – Simply Perfect

There are some of us who pay attention to even the most intricate details, who think that there is a world of difference between baby blue and sky blue, who believe that carpets are the soul of the floor and that they should caress the feet instead of just being something to walk on; if you believe this, then you will love the feel and comfort which is unique to the Nain Teppich: https://aricarpets.com/product-category/perserteppiche-kaufen/nain-teppich.

These rugs come from a very small desert town called Nain, 150km from Isfahan, in the heart of Iran. The city of Nain has a relatively short history of carpet weaving; at the beginning of the 20th century they were renowned for their production of fine textiles. They started manufacturing rugs in the 1950’s, after the second world war, this about the time the men’s cloaks fashion industry disappeared, however, this certainly doesn’t mean they are just ordinary carpets; on the contrary, a Nain Teppich will comprise all the techniques of the modern master weavers and the unique, but traditional style of Persia.

As a consequence of the fact that their business is quite young, an antique Nain Teppich will be rather hard to come which means there is a great demand for these types of carpets and Persian rugs, especially when it comes to a few private families’ rug production not being available on the open market.

A Nain Teppich antique rug epitomizes style and elegance both in the materials used (cotton base, wool and silk pile) and the patterns woven, graceful curvilinear lines, elaborate motifs and royal colors of blue and ivory being predominant. The background may include animal themes (mostly birds), floral motifs and forked leaves, all of them in a rather limited range of colors, which give them the very much appreciated majesty and luster. Other features characteristic of a Nain Teppich is the central medallion (present in the better part of the rugs) which is frequently in the form of a star.

The Nain weavers invented a standard exclusively for their carpets by which a Nain rug price can be determined. The measurement is called LAA and defines the number of threads which from a single fringe at the end of the Nain Teppich. The lower the LAA is, the bigger the price. If a carpet has 9 LAA, than it can be considered to be of very good quality and the most rare and finest carpets have 4 LAA. A Nain Persian rug is woven with Persian asymmetric knots; usually the density of knots varies between 120 and 180 Knots per square inch, the latter representing high quality Nain Persian rugs.

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