Best 4 Slice Toaster 2022 Review

Best 4 Slice Toaster 2022 is one of the first toasting machines that were invent by man. Nowadays there are a number of options like a sandwich maker, or even toaster ovens, but initially the only option you had to the pop up toaster was toasting your bread directly over a fire using tongs.

Even now the pop up toaster is one of the most if not the most commonly found bread toasters found in kitchens. They are very simple contraptions and work like a simple oven. It has two slots into which you put in your bread and you pushed down on a lever. When the lever was fully depress it turn on a heating element. This heating element heated both sides of the bread browning it evenly. When the bread was done it pop up and depending on the make of the toaster, you either got a timer that trigger the popping up or there was a sensor that sensed the cooking of the bread and triggered it.

This worked very well, was very fast and once you had two slices toasted, you just popped in the second batch. By the time you make the first sandwich the second batch was done. The only problem with this was that it handled only two slices at the same time. This was solve however when the 4 slice toaster came out.

The four slice toaster worked just the same as the two slice one, but was make bigger with more slots so that you could toast four slices instead of two. This meant that you could feed more mouths at the same time, essential for families.

Price wise they cost around the $40 mark which is just around $10 more than the two slice ones. If you have a family, or even if you don’t getting the four slice ones makes better sense. Because you get four slices of bread which means lesser waiting time. The only complaints that people seem to have is that the outside is usually finish in some form of plastic. But then there is not much that can done about this because if you had metal. You would probably toast you hands when you touched it.

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