Best Tamil Comedy Movies – List of New Tamil Comedy Films

Tamil movies are one of the most widely searched videos all over the world. The good thing is that such colossal demand has not been left unfulfilled. Nowadays there are several platforms from where you can watch Tamil videos for free or by paying a nominal subscription fee. For instance, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar have a vast number of paid viewers who can watch movies of their choice online. If you are more interested in downloading Tamil comedy movies, then you can try out platforms like YouTube and Daily motion. They do not charge users any subscription fees by default. You can use the Vidmate app to download your favorite Tamil videos safely and legally.   

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Topic 1: 15 best new Tamil comedy movies

  1. Dharala Prabhu 

The plot of this movie revolves around the owner of a fertility clinic that convinces an unemployed youth to become a sperm donor. However, he had no idea that the turn of events that follow will land him into trouble following his marriage. Remaking a Hindi movie in the South Indian language is fraught with different kinds of challenges.   

  1. Naan Sirithal

This film is about a care-free youngster who suffers from the pseudo bulbar effect which goes turvy and topsy when he mistakenly lock horns with a dreaded gangster. The screenplay of the movie offers plenty of scopes to put the audience in laughter spree. However, the sub-plot of this movie that involves a gang war turns out to be less engaging except a scene or two. 

  1. Sandimuni

The plot of the movie deals with the story of a husband and his doting wife as the former falls in love with another woman. You can think of Sandimuni as a rehash to the films based on done-to-death. However, there are lots of clichés in this movie which can be seen in the representation of a palatial house, a female character whose life ends in tragedy, and a powerful spirit that takes revenge on the bad guys.

  1. Tanna

The plot of this movie revolves around a youngster who suffers from a strange voice disorder but manages to become a cop after which he locks horns with a gang of scamsters. The main character Sakthi suffers from a strange voice disorder that is called puberphonia. Whenever he is nervous, he becomes weird, and he sounds like a woman. There is nothing new in the plot of Tanna except for another disorder based characterization. 

  1. Dhanusu Raasi Neyargalae 

Can the romance between a woman who believes in astronomy and a man who is crazy about astrology work well? The lead character, by the name of Arjun, finds himself in a unique situation because he cannot find a girl to marry. He only wants to marry a girl who has the sun sign of Virgo on the advice of an astrologer. All the efforts of his mother and maternal uncle go in vain as they try to impress Arjun on the futility of superstitious beliefs.

  1. KD Karappu Durai

The plot of this movie revolves around an elderly man whose family is planning to mercy kill. Thus, as he wakes up from his Coma, he comes to know about this sinister plan and elopes from his home. The movie beautifully showcases the friendship between a young boy and an elderly people as the child helps the old man to live life to the fullest  

  1. Aruvam 

The plot of this movie revolves around a woman who is benevolent enough not even to hurt an ant. She is possessed by the spirit of a man who loves her and avenges himself on a corrupt man who murdered him. 

  1. Petromax

The storyline of this movie pictures a man who has miserably failed to sell his house on accounts of spirit possessions. However, he offers a huge sum of money to four people for proving that the building is not haunted by an evil spirit. 

  1. Puppy

This film is about a final year college student who receives the shock of his life on knowing that he is going to be a father as his girlfriend shows a positive pregnancy test. He is in a predicament, knowing that he has to face his parents for that matter. 

  1. 100% Kaadhal  

This movie is a juvenile romance drama featuring Balu and college topper Mahalakshmi. They are in love with each other, but their egos stand in the way of their romance. Although there are plenty of glitches in the film, still it is worth watching once. 


Part 2. Five best sites to watch Tamil comedy movies

  1. Netflix

The first site to make on our list is Netflix. Here there is an illustrious collection of classic Tamil Movies along with the latest hits provided in a user friendly and intuitive interface. You can start with a 30-day free trial following which you have to opt for a paid subscription. You can opt for a monthly package like Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.   

  1. Amazon Prime

The next in our list is Amazon Prime. This is also a paid platform offering a one-month free trial. Following which you can opt for a yearly, quarterly, or monthly package. Like Netflix, it also has a rich collection of Tamil movies categorized on its genre. Which include romance, drama, horror, comedy, etc.   

  1. Hotstar 

This platform popularly known as Disnep Hotstar has a rich collection of Tamil movies for people of all ages. Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it is also a paid platform. Besides, there is also room for cost-free viewing. Right now it has three packages Premium, VIP, and optional cost-free. 

  1. Daily Motion

It is free to use a platform that has a rich catalog of downloadable Tamil videos. To watch Tamil videos of your choice, you have initiated a search from its search bar with a proper query. 

  1. YouTube

 It is the most popular platform for free video streaming. You can watch trailers and full movies too. You can rent or buy a movie here for online viewing. Besides, there is a free to use version and paid premium version of this platform.            

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