Blog Money Making Tips – Connecting is the Key to Connection

I have some blog money making tips for you and I will help show you how to set up a blog. Blogging is now one of the most popular social past times online today, people use them to connect with friends, business partners and followers to let them know what they are currently doing.

Blogging Makes Money will be the main focus of this article, and I will assume that you are new to money making blogs. First thing you need to do is set up a blog. This is very easy and free with by Google and Word Press, which are very popular. I am going to focus on Blogger for the purpose of this article as I couldn’t explain them all here. First thing you need to do is have a Google mail account. This is free to set up at, then log into Blogger and fill out your details.

If you are going to write about a specific topic or niche market, i.e. Money making tips. You should name your blog with a keyword related to your topic, so it would look something like This will help rank you in the search engines, of course you will have to do your keyword research to begin with. But I will write about that in another article. The next stage is to pick a template and you are almost ready to go.

Before you start posting you will need to adjust some basic settings to suite your needs. Click the setting tab and add a brief description of your site making sure to use your keywords. Blog money making, blogging money, blog for money, earn money blogging, making money blogging etc. Be sure not to over do it or appear spammy so that it can be read by real people, not just the search engines. Other settings include the option to make your blog public or private. You will probably set this to public but these setting are really up to your preference. Again the rest of the settings are self explanatory and would take to long to write about here.

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