Buy Betta Fish Online Features and Techniques of Betta Fish Caring and Breeding

The best environment for keeping betta fish is soft, warm water with a neutral or mild PH. This is a fish that loves static water, so they are not suitable for oxygen tanks or filters.

Betta fish as a child can be kept together, but when adults they often show their instincts. If they show signs of territorial conflict, we should separate them elsewhere. However, the females, we can raise them to grow up without fear, many have slightly different temperaments. They often bite other females, but don’t worry too much because they are just a little aggressive.


In the wild, the betta often feeds on worms or small insects. But when we own a betta, there is no need to follow the complicated theory just to feed the fish with worms. Bow, bobo, … or synthetic formula. We also need to pay attention that Betta’s stomach is very small with only 1 grain. So each feeding with a very small quantity like 10 tossing bows or a few worms is just enough to divide 3 or preferably 2 for a day.


Before you put the fish in a new house after you bought from any betta fish for sale website. It is best not only bettas but for all fish species to have the fish bag float on the surface of the lake for 10-15 minutes to get the same temperature in the fish bag and tank.


Bettas have a rather short lifespan of 2-3 years. But fish until the 6th month or more, we can carry out spawning for them. And choosing a good looking fish and hen to produce a good breed depends on whether the parents are good or not. So there is the following option.

FISHES: The bigger the champion, the better the color, the correct color. The scales should not be torn or pale, the pectoral and dorsal fins spread wide. Free from defects, and as aggressive as possible. The first way is to see if the male has bubbles in the house,. If any one has bubbles, he is ” figuring ” and I have 35% success because the male’s temperament is highly decisive in creating build fry.

BLOODLE: Just like the male, but the grinding fish also need to pay attention to the ” belly ” to see if the belly is large and round. It is best to catch the fish on the hand cage to see if the anus has “ white acne ” yet. If so, the female is ready.

Choosing a house for a betta to breed is quite easy. We can use a flower pot with 40cm glass or 50x25x25 thick cement. First, we should put the 1-m woman in first, then put the male in a small glue and then put the fish in the press tank with the female after 1 day. Then we stock the planted fish and the female is in the same tank (for male (or female) do not attack each other too much) but before you force. You should feed both of them with enough nutrients. On the second day after a few chases, the male will spit out and wholeheartedly attract the female.

When the female spawns in the nest, when the female is in love. Both will come under the foam to curl up and the female “ sprays ” the eggs. Then the male will perform the task for eggs, after the female spawns.
After that, the male should immediately chase the female away. At this time we should separate the female and put it back in 10 days or 20 days, we can continue to breed.

The male continues to care for the nest and always rummages through the bottom of the tank to look for the fallen eggs to bring back the nest. Depending on the weather and weather, 2-3 days after the eggs hatch, about a week later. The fry will be able to swim by themselves in the tank and at this time we should separate the brood very gently to avoid disturbing. The nest and For the temperature in the tank is 26 degrees. When catching the male, we should also rehydrate the best worms.
The female is isolated in the inner plastic box on the right, the center is a moss lump. On the left is a small sponge for the male to spit foam there is another heater. But maybe not in Vietnam because the climate is always warm.

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