Do you want to get proper knowledge about what google rankbrain is?

We are here to discuss about google rankbrain. If you have little bit knowledge of internet marketing then you understand the unpredictable results of SEO. Google and other search engines constantly changing their algorithms because the artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent. SEO is bound to change significantly in the future.

Here are changes expect for SEO in the near future.

Link Building:

It is the very useful part to get ranking on google, it is use in SEO to rank your website on Google and gives very effective results. It is done by all SEO professional so they help business to make visible on internet to increase traffic. Things already started to change with the Google RankBrain update. It places more emphasis on relevance, context and quality. This is because the RankBrain algorithm focuses mainly on user intent. For your website to rank, it is best that it answers searcher’s intent and provide value first before you can even think about building links.

Optimizing Visual Content:

As we know that search engines are becoming smarter with what is on visual content like images, videos and others. So it also becomes important that content creators start to optimize around visual content like YouTube Videos. This is done by optimizing the title tag, Meta descriptions, tags, considering the video length and so much more.

Building a Brand:

According to Neil Patel, a global brand in internet marketing, the future of SEO lies in building a brand. Top brands like Forbes, CNN and others dominate the market. If you provide quality contents with good results then your brand grows. Soon you will find yourself ranking better on search engines. When business recognized as brand, it becomes easy to build links and everything else about your SEO falls into place. You demand authority when the number of people searching for you online increases and gives you that authority.

Optimizing for Mobile and Voice Search:

With the change in technology most of people now access the internet through their mobile devices. With this change in technology and also change in users preference, your site needs to have a responsive design. This means that it should adapt according to the size of the device being use. Actually, Google suggests that your website should be made for mobile first, not for desktop. With increase in search through mobile internet google penalize them that are not optimize for mobile by sinking their rankings. With smart home products and increase in mobile, voice search is on the rise. Cortana, Google Voice Search, Siri and Amazon Echo have become favorite virtual assistants for many people.

With the voice research option people use long keywords researches therefore, you should target such long words on your website. With this you also have to target keyword with long comprehensive for your website and also for blogs.

You need to use best techniques for your SEO strategies as Google and all other search engines are getting smarter. However, with AI and more information on user intent, if you provide value and answer to the queries that people have to be comprehensively. Your rankings might just shoot to the first page of Google.

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