Elite Kick bands – The Basics, What’s New in 2023

Elite Kick bands is a fantasy football competition. The object is to pick a team of 30 AFL players to generate the highest score each week. Any of the 16 AFL teams may chosen from. Points are awarded mainly for effective possessions.

A SuperCoach must pick 9 Defenders, 9 Forwards, 8 Midfielders and 4 Rucks. An AFL player’s position is SuperCoach is judge by where they mainly play last year. AFL players who play in the midfield but are list elsewhere are typically the best pick-ups. Brendon Goddard from St Kilda and Luke Hodge from Hawthorn are both list as Defender/Midfielders. These two will be in most teams. Adam Goodes from Sydney and Paul Chapman from Geelong are another two popular dual-list players. Forward/Midfielders.

New in 2010 are substitutions for dual-listed players. If, for example, Goodes was in the forward line of your team, and Chapman in the midfield. The two can switched around at any time to cover for the injury of one, or for aesthetics. Also new in 2010 is a rolling lockout. I have been waiting for this. As the season always seems to start on a Thursday, this prevents sheer luck from deciding the make-up of your team. Carlton & Richmond play the first game, again. AFL players can selected from these two teams separately from the other teams.

The other teams may filled up until the next day, Friday night. This allows SuperCoaches to see who is playing on the Saturday, and who is in the squad for Sunday. A much better system. Not perfect (I would like a rolling lock-out through to Saturday night), but much better than before.

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