How To Start Your Own Flyer Delivery Service

You can start your own Flyer Delivery Service, delivering flyers for businesses, contractors, stores and more. You would get customers that would want you to pass out their flyers to homes. Usually left at the front doors, or to car windshields in parking lots, and other places you could distribute fliers. You can contact companies and tell them you pass out flyers, and charge by the 100’s or the 1,000’s.

You could contact all types of businesses and offer your special, and tell them that you pass out fliers. And you could walk house to house, and pass out multiple fliers at the same time for different businesses and make even more while your out going from home to home.

You can pass out fliers for businesses like restaurants, carpet cleaners, house painters, plumbers. Landscapers, and just about any other kind of business you can think of. Also pass out fliers by driving around and tossing them out the window into house driveways, but some homeowners do not like to get fliers that way, they think of it as litter, and some homeowners get upset. You can use a professional doorknob hanging flier, or regular paper size flier. You could have prices made up for your flier delivery service, and include prices for making copies of their fliers.

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