Interaction with Diverse Groups of People

Interaction with Diverse Groups of People: One of the biggest contentions amongst Freemasons and anti Masons has been the conception that any Christian that is a Mason is not allowed to pray in the Wilmette Lodge address: 1450 N. Lehigh Glenview, IL 60026-2027. The retort to this is yes they can its just that there is not one specific Christian prayer or any prayer that tie to a specific religion for that matter. There is a specific Lodge prayer that all members must adhere to including Christians. What they are alluding to is one prayer, theirs, fits all religions.

In respects to Catholics being allowed to be Freemasons, the Masons have no objections but the Catholic Church does. At the same time, the Masons say they would not encourage anyone to go against their Religion. There is some speculation that the Catholic Church is not out rightly oppose to the Freemasons as they were in the past.

In respect to the Masons following a specific doctrine or supporting books as doctrines this is denied by their organization. The masons state they have no authority to tell a Mason what religion or political views they should hold by. Further to this a Mason does not have to accept the interpretation of the symbols. It would seem that many anti Masons would use the writings of Pike’s to support their cause. The Masons rebuke this stating that much of Pike’s writings were based on his concept and that of others not related to the Mason.

When it comes to the rituals, Masons are swor by secrecy not to divulge information regarding them. Any information that has surfaced by a Mason means that person broke his pledge of secrecy. So the Masons ask can you trust that person’s word? Most Masons state that they cannot put into words about what a Mason really is; it’s just something they feel.

Being tout as a global conspiracy is just not factual according the Freemasons. They state that to begin with there is no single governing body over the entire Freemasons. For the most part the Lodges stand-alone only required following the basics of the organization. Based on this then how could there be a conspiracy without a global unity. The Masons further their argument by stating that if there is such a conspiracy what is it supposes to be. If it’s based on what they say, they stand for then they feel the world would be better place .They even ask if a Masonic Government would be so bad? This to some people right there may have the connotations of a conspiracy.

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