Miami Architects – Budding And Brimming With Life

There’s just so many things to see and do in Miami — there’s the beach, surfing, parties, fashion shows, and other events that attract a lot of tourists each year into this bustling global city in Florida. But in recent years, Miami Architects has added a new offering to its visitors and residents: it has been reinventing itself and is becoming the art capital of America.

Miami is home to many museums and galleries which showcase works from different media. Among the most popular are the Bass Museum of Art and the Lowe Art Museum which both display European artworks from the 16th to 18th century, the Miami Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Florida, and Art Central in South Florida that features contemporary artworks, and numerous personal heritage galleries and collections.

Many of these galleries, collections, and museums are located in the Miami Design District near Midtown Miami. Top designers such as Alison Spear, Peter Page, and Holly Hunter have moved and set up their shops in the Miami Design District. Soon after, a growing number of artists and designers have moved in. And created a hub for both art creators and appreciators. Aside from the traditional art pieces like paintings and sculptures, contemporary media and non-conventional art materials are also use in the pieces featured in more than fifteen galleries in the Miami Design District.

Galleries and showrooms like the Abitare, Art Fusion. And Art Formz Galleries feature interesting pieces and exhibits with various themes and moods. Collectors and philanthropists troop to the Miami Design District most especially during the second Saturday of each month when the Art and Design night is held. Galleries and showrooms also open their exhibits to the public in this community-wide fair, coupled with performances and refreshments.

Art Basel/Miami Beach Art Show

Aside from the museums and galleries, Miami is also host to many cultural events featuring works. And performances from many of the new designers and artists. The biggest of which is the annual Art Basel/Miami Beach (ABMB) art show.

Since 2001, the ABMB art show has highlighted thousands of artists from all over the world. And their works in a program that features several events such as musical performances, film viewings, and special exhibitions. It is the sister show of the Art Basel show in Switzerland, and since bringing the show to America. It has attracted thousands of the viewing public which has spurred more interest in the arts. Mostly contemporary in recent years. It is usually held in the Miami Beach Convention Center. With many of the other activities spilling over to the surrounding galleries in Miami.

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