Moroccan Brown Leather Pouf – Tips For Making Leather Pouf

Moroccan Brown Leather Pouf: If you want to decorate your curtains with an elegant look, you may choose balloon curtains (pouf valance). Besides appear classy, it is easy to make and can be attached on small windows. You can use it alone or paired with a drape for covering lower half of the window. The best material for creating this drape is a lightweight fabric.

The first step is laying down the curtain on a flat surface. Ensure it features top opening for the rod to go through. Then, put pins on the three rows with spaced across the curtain’s width. After that, place other pins on each six inch of the height of three rows. The pins aim to mark the place you should sew. You also may put the pin on six inches from the hem’s bottom.

The next step is stitching the washers on the curtain. While you are doing this, replace every pin with washer. Just do simple sew through one part of the washer for several times until securely tight.

Cut three lengths of the string in order to have six inches longer cord than the curtain’s vertical length. Then, stitch each chord on the washer in a row, from the top through the bottom. You need to repeat the same technique for each row. After that, tie each end of the cord tightly.

Later than, hang the drape on your window and screw the eye screw with equally spaced apart. Tie the cord on the eye screws and pull it on the other side. Attach the cleat to the window frame and cover the cording around.

By making your own Moroccan Poufs, you may save money and boost your creativity too. You can create various styles with different color depend on the room. Generally, balloon curtain is great for feminine appeal. So, if you have a little daughter, you can decorate her room with this drape. You can ask her to help you and let her pick the color. It would be the fun time to spend with your daughter.

If you still confuse about the model, you can check on the internet to find the best model for your home. Ensure you pick your favorite color and match with the other decorations, thus your home will look so sophisticated. If it is needed, you can a a help from the expert tailor or just buy on the local or online stores.

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