Motorcycle Intercom: Characteristics and Types

If you need to communicate when you ride a motorcycle, but want to do it in a safe and regulatory way, then motorcycle helmet intercom is what you need.

Let’s have a look at their advantages, types and what the regulations say about their legality.

Using the hands-free in the car is already a common action for most drivers and, in addition, increases safety while driving if a phone call is answered. However, riders of two-wheelers may not be aware that motorcycle intercoms exist.

Like those in cars, they serve to be able to speak without letting go of the handlebar. And sometimes answering a call is necessary, especially during long journeys, but it must also done in a safe way and within the law.

WHAT IS and What should a legal motorcycle intercom look like?

This is a device that lets you talk to someone else while riding. Depending on the type of intercom, that someone else can be a passenger, a fellow rider, or many other riders Motorcycle Intercom.

To answer the question of whether intercoms are legal, we must pay attention to whether they are approved or not, and whether they work through the Bluetooth that we normally use on our phone.

But, in addition, the intercom must allow us to hear the ambient sound, since it is necessary that we receive the acoustic signals of, for example, a traffic light, or those sounds that can alert us of a danger that we can not detect only with the vision.

To allow this, helmets with this function include a loudspeaker that is install inside it and close to our ear. It should never be a headset that we put in our ear. Likewise, the microphone must be located at the height of our mouth.

Besides, the intercom must allow the call to take without implying the use of hands. Which must be on the handlebar all the time. If these requirements are not met, we can penalize, as it means that the helmet is not within the approve intercoms.

So let’s talk about the best intercoms in the market!

As an example, we indicate some intercoms that we can find in the market:

EyeRide: This is a Patented all-in-one French device, combining head up display, GPS navigator. Hands-free kit as well as voice command to keep your eyes on the road while riding.

Cardo SHO-1 Duo: This includes a voice control system and allows communication with up to eight additional users within a 1.6 kilometer radius.

Nolan N-Com B1.4: This offers full duplex intercom, quality audio, and microphone audio muffling.

Schuberth SRC-System C3: It is an intercom create for the C3 helmet. It’s a communication system integrated into the neck and is easy to install. Among its characteristics, it stands out with the function allowing the communication between two motorcycles . That are up to 300 meters apart and in which up to 3 riders participate.

Many motorcycle intercoms allow users to listen to the radio or their favorite music while riding. Or to follow the instructions indicated by the GPS.

Thus, the intercoms will allow motorcyclists to circulate safely avoiding impacts that can occur due to a distraction. Such as diverting their eyes from the road to answer a call. In addition, to increase safety and protection against accidents related to two-wheelers. Drivers must have a MAPFRE Motorcycle Insurance, with quality coverage and services.

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