Paraguay Passport – International Living and Investing

If you are interested in living or making money overseas, there is just no substitute for travel to open your mind to numerous opportunities to build wealth offshore. That’s why I recently went on a whistlestop tour of Latin American countries with a group of freedom loving individuals looking at opportunities for asset protection, international wealth creation, and free zone import-export business. Paraguay Passport from South America, and tax-free overseas residency were also on our wish list, as was quality time by the pool with like-minded, freedom loving individuals. But most of all, we were looking for the personal and financial freedom that I believe has been stolen from us by the politicians and money-men back in North America and Europe. I call it the “South American Dream.”

Having read up widely in advance on the countries we were visiting, and accompanied by highly qualified bilingual experts we were on the road to use our collective ‘sixth sense’ and get the real feel for business in a foreign country that you can only get by spending time there and talking to people. We talked in depth with many different locals, and also with expatriates (ex-patriots too) from North America and Europe who are already running businesses in top overseas retirement destinations like Panama, Brazil and Argentina.

The most important lesson I learned on this trip? It was the importance, even in our digitally-wired world, of actually getting on a plane and seeing things for yourself. We all know and enjoy the comfort of familiar places and people, but that also comes with a feeling of frustration… a feeling that we are not in full control of our lives as we should be. It is like living on autopilot, “too busy making a living to make any real money.” Other people control us. The most scary thing is that governments control not just our money but also our minds – and they do not have our best interests at heart.

On the other side, we all have a natural fear of the unknown. Whether it’s offshore business, offshore banking or international asset protection. Is it legal? Will we be scammed? No, not if we take the time to work with reliable people and do things right. This fear is a myth perpetuated by the media. It’s nothing less than a form of mind control. By confronting it head on and overcoming it we can open up a whole new world of opportunities that most people will never know exist!

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