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So, you got a great deal and found a cheap flight to your surfing destination. If you are packing up your Surf Bags with your two favorite surfboards, you may be in for a nasty surprise. In the world of surf travel, not all airlines treat your surfboard the same. How do the airlines stack up? Many of them, not so well

Let’s start with the worst. One major US based air carrier charges between $175 and $250 each way for your surfboard bag. To fly with this airline with your surfboard you are going to be paying between $350 and $500 round trip just for your surfboard. You can buy a new surfboard for $500 or a used surfboard for even less. Maybe you could use that money to buy a surfboard when you land and give it to a local kid when you leave.

Essentially you would be giving the money to a local kid rather than a business that was trying to stick it to you for simply wanting to travel with your surfboard. When you get back home, all of your surfboards are still going to be in the shape you left them and you won’t be out any more money than if you had brought your own surfboard with you. That is one way to make a good situation out of an ugly one.

Now for the bad. Unfortunately, most of the other major airlines around the world fall into this category. It is common practice for the airlines to deem your surfboard bag excess luggage and levy high fee’s on the surfboard bag. You can expect to pay around $100 each way with most airlines to travel with your surfboard. If you plan to travel with your surfboard, I can not recommend highly enough. That you check the airlines policy on surfboard bags prior to booking any flight. Many airlines have luggage restrictions at certain times of the year and you may not be able to bring your surfboard for any price on the airline.

In today’s world of high jet fuel prices, it seems the airlines are competing tooth. And nail on price and then try to make up for it with all of the “extras”. Well, here is the good news. Several airlines do want surf traveler’s business. A handful of airlines offer free travel for your surf bag. Quantas Airlines was awarded Surfer Magazine’s “Airline of the Year Award”. One of the factors in their decision was because Quantas do not charge for surfboard travel bags. In addition, Virgin Atlantic also offer free surfboard bag travel.

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