The Advantages of Choosing Small, LocalAttorneys

Since the outset of the recession, individuals and corporations large and small have turned to small, localattorneys for assistance. What public and private clients are finding is that there are local attorneys who provide a variety of services more efficiently and more economically than their larger counterparts.

Some, but not all, of the advantages of using small, local attorneys include:

Personal interaction – Clients have direct access to the attorney actually handling the matter.

Investigation and opinions – These important actions are performed and presented by the specific attorney who is handling the case.

Clients receive services – There is no over-billing with local attorneys who only invoice for actual services rendered. In many cases, small attorney firms offer flat rates.

Easy access – Small practice attorneys respond quickly to their calls, e-mails and fax requests.

Small legal practices – Small practices do not have massive overhead and countless personnel. That constitute a monthly expense that must be met regardless of quality.

Confidence – the Wall Street debacle has caused potential clients to look locally. Because there is a lack of confidence in the integrity of large legal practices. Many of which have closed their offices or are mere shadows of their former staff.

Experience – Many small law practices feature attorneys who practiced at large firms and believe there is a better way to assist clients.

Expertise – Some small attorney practices are general practitioners but many specialize in certain fields where there is a local demand.

Quick to discovery – Small practices do not need to walk through time-consuming. And expensive paces to get to and through the critical discovery stage.

Money – The ABA Law Journal says that, “Companies are saving up to $250.00 per hour in legal fees when compared to large law firms.

Help for homeowners – Small, local attorney firms can create important personal needs like real estate transactions, legal wills and the like quickly and inexpensively.

Help for small business – Most small business owners cannot afford the fees charged by large legal firms.

Small business – Small, local law practices know the landscape. And how to navigate to legal remedies faster than large, passive firms.

For everything from drawing a will, to simple and complicated real estate transactions, to licensing, accounting issues, tax issues, developing a business plan, drafting shareholder and employee contracts and reviewing any legal documents, small, local attorney firms can be the entrepreneur’s, small business person’s or homeowner’s most trusted adviser.

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