UCDM The Safety Net

Within the dream we are dreaming, A Course in Miracles (UCDM) is clear that we have a safety net. We seldom see it that way as we feel trapped in a world of our making with no way out. Fear and guilt overwhelm us and we look to the words of the Course to elicit feelings of safety while completely misunderstanding where to find safety. The ego uses the reminders of the Truth from the Course so that we end up quoting them to ourselves and each other in an effort to feel good, prove we’re right and ultimately safe in a world of terror. This approach is an ego tick that negates the practice of true forgiveness.

When we’re willing recognize this world is not a happy place and we don’t feel safe, our justifications with the ego get called into question during the practice of forgiveness. We find we’re literally junkies who are addicted to excuses for what we’re choosing with the ego; and since the ego cannot allow forgiveness to reveal any ego trick, justification is a defense. Remember, a defense does what it says, i.e., it defends (protects) and only what is weak uses defense due to the fear of lack or loss.

A reminder does what it says, i.e., it reminds or points the way to something else in the mind. Reminders of the Truth from the Course point away from belief with the ego and towards (the meaning of) the Truth. This is a course on the practical application of forgiveness and the experience of the meaning of the Truth. It is not a course on belief and justification. The choice is yours in how you will use the Course.

A common example that most Course students recognize is regarding anger. Nowhere in the Course are we told we shouldn’t get angry. That would actually be unrealistic. We are simply told not to deny we’re angry and to admit we are choosing to get angry. However, what we are told is not to justify the anger. Don’t make excuses for why you are angry. It’s never for the “justification” reasons you think.

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