Urban Appeal: Hit the Streets with a Louis Vuitton Backpack

For more than a century, Fake Louis Vuitton handbags have exemplified chic fashion for sophisticated women. Nothing conveys refined style quite like a Louis Vuitton purse. The clean lines, the premium leathers, the gleaming metal hardware — they all combine to create a head-turning accessory. And when you add a matching Louis Vuitton wallet and sleek Louis Vuitton sunglasses, you’ve got a recipe for timeless elegance.

There’s no denying the appeal of a classic Louis Vuitton purse, but for those who want a modern alternative, a Louis Vuitton backpack provides a fun, stylish option. LV’s collections include several modish backpacks, many of which boast gender-neutral designs. Many have been photographed on the shoulders of some of today’s hottest celebrities. The following are among some of the hottest Louis Vuitton backpacks:

• Damier Canvas Soho Backpack: This delightful alternative to a traditional Louis Vuitton purse incorporates the classic Damier design into a modern package. Inside, you’ll have ample room for all of your everyday necessities, making this the ultimate city bag to take you from the office to an afternoon of shopping to a night out on the town. Everything is kept neatly inside with a drawstring closure and front snap.

• Montsouris GM Backpack: If you’re looking for something with a little more space than your regular Louis Vuitton bag. But without the unwieldy bulk, the Montsouris backpack is an excellent choice. This high-profile bag also sees a lot of face time in celebrity photos. You’ll never leave home without it.

• Christopher Backpack: Often photographed on the arms of today’s hottest musicians and actors. This gender-neutral backpack is one of the largest in LV’s collection. Numerous pockets and a spacious main compartment make it ideal for overnights and weekend trips. It makes a great travel bag to accompany your everyday Fake Louis Vuitton purse.

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