Usability Of The Site: 10 Components Of Success

The usability of the site is one of the key points in its work. It is this factor that affects the behavior of visitors and, ultimately, the conversion, that is, user activity aimed at performing the actions provided by the owners of the web resource (subscribing, filling out the registration and contact forms, ordering goods or services, etc.).

Usability of the site: components of success

1 Convenient access to contact information

The more convenient access to information becomes, the more often it will catch the eye of visitors – the higher the likelihood that it will be used for its intended purpose.

2 Selection of color combinations and fonts

Ease of perception of information is the best that a site can offer its visitors appvalley. And the concept of “ease” includes not only the readability of fonts but also the color combinations used on its pages.

In particular, it is important to maintain the contrast between the font color and the background, pay attention to the combination of the colors used and the thematic content of the web resource.

3 Navigation

The site menu is an important element that determines the convenience of users when viewing its pages and sections. It is necessary to achieve its correct display on all pages of the site and, if necessary, to duplicate menu items in the “basement”, especially if viewing the page requires scrolling, and the main navigation elements are located on top.

4 Main page

The main page of the site is the main source of information important to the consumer. It should be made as informative as possible, focusing on the main points – contacts, an indication of the type of company activity/site topics, an overview of its main sections.

5 Text Content

The usability of the site requires careful attention to the text content of its pages. In particular, restrictions on the volume of text – visitors want to get the most useful information, and not “pour water”, studying the author’s literary passages that are not relevant.

It is important to observe a clear structure in the texts – divide into paragraphs, use headings, subheadings, bulleted lists

6 Search convenience

Providing the site visitor with a search in sections, do not deprive him of the opportunity to go the shortest way using the search bar.

By adding search tools to the site, you can achieve the desired effect at minimal cost. Increasing conversion by using a targeted approach to the search process.

7 Call to action

Calls to action from the pages of the site – an element of interaction with the consumer, direct appeal to him. In particular, the calls “call right now”, “order”, etc., make it possible to achieve the desired effect.

8 Important Points

Usability is even related to such non-obvious points as:

  • the location of the labels in the forms to fill (traditionally they are placed on the side, but it will be more convenient for the user if the label is on top – directly above the form)
  • the use of pictures with the image of faces – visitors subconsciously perceive them as pointers, looking in the right direction
  • comfortable for perception design
  • Highlighting links (it is proved that the best color for links is blue, as in browsers by default)
  • “Air” or free space on the pages of the site – it should be enough.

9 Using “banner” elements

The internal elements of the site, resembling banners, should be kept to a minimum. The fact is that they are too similar to advertising and cause users a negative rather than a positive reaction.

10 Scrolling

It is important to know: users usually perceive only the information that fits on one screen. And if the pages of the site are larger and require scrolling, this can adversely affect its effectiveness.

How important are usability indicators for a 123netflix site? We can say that they determine the volumes of “return” – user activity with a “+” sign.

That is why it is so important to pay attention to the usability of the site at all stages of its development. This is the only way to achieve the best results and gain the trust of the user audience. And this practically guarantees the site success and prosperity for many years to come.

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