Une journée dans la vie de EN – a corriger

It is my day off. I am lucky. A day away from the office, but still busy. I wake up nicely at the sound of my Apple Watch Serie 5. While I smell my coffee, made by my new Vertuo Next of Nespresso. A little jewel in itself, with integrated Bluetooth and wifi  to update automatically its software which makes my coffee so Conception site web montreal. I answer my messages n my smart phone, and here I am ready for a beautiful day.

Just before my morning yoga, taste of my orange juice Impress (made of bio fruits and vegetables carefully cultivated in Quebec) and delivered in less than 24 h, after a simple order via the web. After that, to reach my fitness goals, I then again trust my Apple Watch, who proposes me judicious yoga training and hitchhiking.

Then, it is a well deserved break. I watch a new episode of my favourite show on Netflix online. Really entertaining and it allows me to have a break from my daily routine. Then, because I need a new pair of shoes, I am shopping on Amazon, the biggest e commerce website of the world. I easily find what I am looking for, which allows me to order a chapter of the new bestseller of the best fantastic writer Patrick Senecal,  the one everyone talks about.

Conversation with the boss

Ok, even if I am on a day-off, my boss wants to speak to me about some files with me. I take some minutes in a videoconference on FaceTime or to exchange with him and two other members of my team. In a few two three moves, the problem is solved and I can go back to my peace. I decide I will not be cooking tonight and to satiate my taste buds, with Foodora apps, who collaborate with most of the local restaurants to deliver my chosen meal to me. I am so satisfy.

At night, my friend Rachelle asks me to have a digestif with her on her beautiful terrace. As I know I will take a few drinks with her, I decide to not take the car. In a few time, Uber is at my door. I have the right to have the same service to go back home. N the way home I realize I just passed a wonderful day, without having a single penny on me. No risk to loose case! Long live the technology Conception site web montreal.

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