What is SEO Anyway?

SEO is getting more complicated, but it is something that you cannot ignore if you are serious about your business. SEO is an investment in your company and those who have made it a priority over the years are reaping its benefits.

Google launched Core Web Vitals back in June 2021. This system ranks websites based on a variety of metrics. Core web vitals are used to assess website responsiveness and load speed. These three aspects will be even more important in 2022.

AI, Blockchain and other technologies will lead to a more connected world. Google has always strived to deliver the best user experience. SEO in 2022 will focus on updating content. Your old posts will not be relevant if you publish new content. This chance is worth your time. It is a wise decision to invest your money in older posts. Video will soon be the major source of internet visitors by 2022. Optimize videos for search engines with the same techniques you used for text articles. Make sure your videos have been optimized for search engines. Voice searches, which can be used by everyone and are simple to access, will also become a common feature. Therefore, it is crucial to include conversational terms in your content.

Recent research suggests that voice-activated online traffic accounts for 80%. This is due to 82% only including text in search results. Google is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to be technically flawless. Google is always working to improve mobile optimisation.Voice-search interfaces are easier to use and provide a better user experience. Conversational language can also used in content writing. It will help your website stand apart and grow. Discover the most commonly asked questions from your customers and create blogs and articles around those. You must answer these questions before anyone buys your product. Make it easy!

You should not forget to update your Google business listing. Also, you can use all of the tools available to share content and posts. It is a great way of building your Google’ SERPs reputation. Even if you’re only doing one thing, it’s worth doing local SEO to make sure your GMB listing looks great in every aspect. Organic traffic continues to be the best source traffic for your company.

SEO is becoming more technical. This includes how websites will rank in search results. More people prefer mobile-first websites in order to stay ahead. Websites need to be adaptable to these changes in order stay at the top. Mobile-friendly sites must be mobile-friendly. Google’s bots may be able to help you with this.


  • I still value quality SEO.
  • Make sure that your website offers the best user experience, depending on your product or service
  • Quality, enjoyable content, don’t over do it
  • Google listings, local SEO should feature high on your wish list
  • Write FAQ articles and blog posts

Tim Sabre

Tim Sabre have helped over 11,000 businesses and counting. A search and social expert, assisting many businesses and brands get the most from their online presence Trained and led teams in 3 countries with over 27 Certified Google AdWords Specialists. Currently offering my services as a freelance digital consultant.

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