Wohnungsauflösung Berlin – A Product Like No Other

Wohnungsauflösung Berlin is a unique product if there ever was one! This liquid product can be quite deceptive initially, as it soon dries up to a form a thin sheet of rubber! The lure is that it can be applied on any surface and can take any shape as desired. The level of detailing captured by the latex rubber stays above par always.

What’s more, the liquid is even viscous enough not to drip off vertical surfaces. Stretch, bend and fold the latex rubber as you want – it stays durable and will not tear easily, no matter how thin the coating. In fact, it will always come back to its original shape after all the pulling and distorting. And even the most abrasive of surfaces, like concrete, fail to rip it apart.

Liquid latex comes in alluring color ranges and it is also possible to color the basic latex to any shade by adding acrylic paints or specially-designed pigments for latex rubber. It is completely non-toxic and some of the varieties can directly applied on the skin as well.

It comes as an additional surprise that this versatile and handy product never weighs down the wallet. Is pretty inexpensive and in fact, it emerges as about the most inexpensive art material around.

The only thing you need to be careful about is that liquid latex tends to shrink on curing. Therefore, allowing a small margin by building up the surface is always preferable before the casting. Moreover, while latex rubber will not stick to other materials, it does stick to itself. Therefore, the surface has to treated accordingly; simply sprinkling talcum powder will do!

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