Shea Butter For Hair

If you want to give your hair it the best natural treatment available and really pamper it then you will want to use Shea Butter for your Hair.

The best butter comes from nut of the Shea tree also known as the Karite tree. The Shea tree grows freely across the continent of Africa. It begins to produce fruit when it is about 20 years and can produce its fruit for another 200 plus years!

The fruit of the Shea tree has a sweet pulp surrounding the nuts. After you dry and crush the nuts you will then need to boil them so that you can extract the butter.

Using this tree Butter for hair helps moisturize your hair as well as your scalp.

This organic butter is also used as an aid to reduce wrinkles, scars and eczema. It is an anti-aging formula for your skin.

Shea extract is so amazing that a group in Uganda used the butter as a body shield believing it would protect from bullets. Although I believe that the benefits in using this all natural product are truly fantastic please don’t use it to try and stop bullets, you may die! Bullets cannot be stopped by Shea Butter!

However, regular use of this butter will reduce injury to your skin from too much sun. Mothers, try it next time you change a diaper to eliminate diaper rash.

When you use Shea Butter for hair you will have a product that moisturizes dry or damaged hair beginning at the roots and continues to the very ends. It can repair heat damaged hair, and can protect your hair against wind damage.

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