Worrier Monk’s, The Mystical Christ Knights!

The Mystical Christ: For two hundred years the Knight’s Templar where renowned through out all of Europe for their fighting abilities and undying devotion, of freeing the holy land from the Saracens.

There where nothing like them before. The Knights Templar where truly unique for their own time half monk, half knight. Or to use a more recent term, Soldier. During their own time legends surrounding the Templar’s grew with every passing year. But these legends where nothing to do with being courageous knights in battle for Christianity.

The legends where about the Knights Templar finding something of great importance buried under the temple of Solomon.

The first nine knights that started the order in the year 1107 where given residence on the temple mount. For the next nine years they dug under and throughout the temple until one day. They stopped digging all together and Their Grand Master and two other of them packed up and headed for Europe. When they returned to Europe they where granted immunity from paying any all taxes to any king or kingdom through out all of Christendom and where now only answerable to the Pope him self and where granted and formed into a holy order.

Because of there immediate success with the Church granting them such on herd of power unto and almost on herd of order of knights added to there growing legend. In addition to that they had secret initiation rites and rituals compounded the legends and there need of secrecy.

These legends contained such thing as the Knights Templar finding the Ark of the Covenant, secrets of Jesus Christ, secret laws of sacred geometry and the blood line of Jesus Christ himself.

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